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Nick Hart, President of the Data Foundation, joins us to discuss the importance of open data during times of crisis, gives background to the Data Foundation's COVID Impact Survey, shares insights gained from the data collected, and more.

Show Notes

This week on FEDSpace, it’s all about data in a time of crisis. Nick Hart, President of the Data Foundation, joins us to discuss the importance of open data – rooted in data privacy – during unprecedented situations.
As US policymakers continue to adapt their strategies in response to the coronavirus pandemic, they must use relevant and reliable data to aid in making decisions. Enter: the COVID Impact Survey. Released by the Data Foundation in collaboration with partners such as the NORC, the Survey collects data from random samples in 18 geographic locations across the United States and offers incredibly valuable insights into the behaviors and feelings of the American people as the world around us rapidly changes. 
What insights have the results of the COVID Impact Survey offered so far? How can policymakers best use the data collected? Why is it important to openly share data within the federal government, especially in times like these?
Hart offers his expertise and answers to these questions and more. Plus, find out if he'd download a COVID-19 tracing app...

Tune in to the episode, or access the full transcript below!
Resources mentioned in this episode: 
COVID Impact Survey
The Data Foundation
Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Act

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