Back to School Again

Bobbi Scott loved her work as a nurse and loved living in Northern Canada. However, she knew that taking on more duties and serving a wider range of patients meant needing to become a registered nurse.

Show Notes

It was a long road, filled with twists and turns, but she did it.  Find how this mom of two managed her long-distance, online education with Athabasca University to achieve her RN. We talk about...
  • The beauty and benefits of life in Northern Canada
  • Finding the time to go back to school and making sure school plans align with family plans
  • The unique challenges of doing a long distance degree and how Bobbi managed to make it work 
  • How community support (specifically a guy named Andrew) and the amazing support of her husband were key ingredients that helped Bobbi finish her degree
  • Continuing the learning journey 
A huge THANKS to our season sponsors, Athabasca University, Canada's online university. 
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What is Back to School Again?

A podcast for mid-life learners.