The Angel with Michael Conniff

Welcome to episode 3 of "The Angel" with Michael Conniff. This week's guest is Steve Weinstein, CEO and Chair of the Board at Seismic Capital Company. Seismic is not just another venture capital firm; they're democratizing the field by lowering the typical $10,000 investment minimum to a more accessible $1,000.

Beyond that, Seismic stands out by supporting startups throughout their entire business lifecycle, freeing these companies to focus on their unique strengths. With a keen eye for early-stage digital companies ready to disrupt their markets, Seismic invests in a diverse array of sectors from emerging tech to sustainability and education.

In this episode, you'll gain insights into how Seismic ensures the protection of its investors' capital through its unique investment strategy. Discover how they balance keen market understanding, rigorous due diligence, and innovative risk management to safeguard investments.

Tune in as we delve into the world of venture capital and start-ups with a firm that's breaking barriers and shaping the future. Join us for an enlightening conversation with Steve Weinstein on "The Angel," where we're shaking up traditional views on venture capital and investment.

What is The Angel with Michael Conniff?

The Angels with Michael Conniff is a podcast showcasing the journey of angels, venture capitalists, investors, and family offices. Also, check out The Accelerator, the companion podcast from Michael Conniff, aimed at founders, startups, and entrepreneurs.