Leanne Juliette

In this episode, I'm discussing my reflections on 2021 as I record this episode on New Year's Eve and what I see for 2022 for us all moving forwards.

Show Notes

Well, it's been a while!!!! Been about 5 months since I last posted a podcast episode as I went deeper within into myself and have been disconnecting myself from the Collective Mindset in order to shed more and more layers from myself.

So, here we are - the end of 2021 as I record this on New Year's Eve.

Yep, I'm at home, alone, in my happy space of Hermit Ville. LOL!

I decided I wanted to record a podcast on my own 2021 journey, the reflections I've had today about this year both personally and collectively and what it is that I see for 2022 for us all.

I have been wanting to come back to podcasting for a while but couldn't quite find the right angle for myself. I was getting too caught up in making sure my "intro" sounded right and said the right things. Fuck me, does it really matter?!?! No, it doesn't.

This year, 2021, I've let go of more and more aspects of myself and in doing so, I've shifted my business and who I am massively.

It has often felt that every time I shift I've had to redo my content, my marketing, my "intros" etc - and I've been bored with it. Talk about being in shadow LOL!

So, whilst I've been wanting to come back to podcasting for a while now, I was still stuck in the mindset of "needing to teach things" instead of just talking and sharing my own journey and inspiring that way.

In this episode, I'm discussing how I've viewed 2021 and where we are all being asked to go as we continue on our evolutionary journey. "Which path will you take?", is the question that is becoming more and more apparent these days.

Which path will you take? And being ok with the decision to take that path. We have to be ok with the decision we make.

2021 has been a 5 energy year. 5 representing change. It has certainly felt like that. Letting go of things, changing direction, finding our True North, so to speak.

2022 is a 6 year. 6 represents balance and harmony which is why I strongly feel that whatever decision and path we chose in 2021 then we are balancing that out in 2022.

Happy listening!


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