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Comparing different loan programs with different down payment amounts, interest rates, private mortgage insurance requirements can significantly impact cash flow. Use a loan comparison spreadsheet to easily see the differences.

Show Notes

Loan Comparison Spreadsheet for Real Estate Investors

Sometimes it can be helpful to compare various loan programs and options simultaneously. For example, it could be useful to compare the monthly payment differences between various "nothing down," "low down," and full-size down payment options when buying a rental property.

Visually seeing a chart comparing the monthly payments of your choices of loans can assist you in making better decisions.

If you had a spreadsheet to easily compare a variety of loan programs at the same time, it would be even more helpful. In this mini-class, James will share with you a loan comparison spreadsheet that allows you to easily compare all of the most common traditional financing options for real estate investors.

Check out the video from this class here:

Loan Comparison Spreadsheet for Real Estate Investors - Video

In this class, James discusses:

  • Comparing various loan programs
  • Getting mortgage interest rates and private mortgage insurance from your lender
  • Optimizing cash flow by minimizing monthly loan expenses
  • Common loan differences between owner-occupant loans for investors utilizing Nomad™ and House Hacker strategies
  • Common loan differences for non-owner-occupant loans
  • Download the Loan Comparison Spreadsheet
  • Plus much more...

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