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This episode dives into living a meaningful Christian life with Dr. Thom Wolf. We begin by getting to know Dr. Wolf, before exploring the concept of the Micah Text and how it guides us on "the best way to live life on this planet." Dr. Wolf then dissects the concept of faithfulness, unpacking its meaning and its translation across cultures.

The conversation shifts to navigating complex situations in India, discussing how to handle politicians and the challenge of fostering a generation free from corruption. Dr. Wolf clarifies his perspective on faith, emphasizing that he's "not a secular American" but operates within a framework that acknowledges global injustice.

Leadership is a key theme, with Dr. Wolf outlining what he looks for in those who lead. We explore the question of sacrificing personal security for justice, and Dr. Wolf shares a powerful anecdote about encountering someone who "didn't have the vocabulary for Amen."

The episode concludes with Dr. Wolf offering insights on effective ministry in foreign countries, leaving listeners with practical takeaways for living a faithful life in a complex world.

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00:00 Intro
01:32 Who is Dr. Thom Wolf?
07:38 The Micah Text
08:33 The best way to live life on this planet
14:40 Translating Faithfulness
19:03   Handling politicians in India
20:34 How do we create people who arent corrupt?
24:59 We live in an unjust world
30:34 What to look for in Leadership
32:51 Would you lose your Visa on behalf of Justice?
34:03 Didn't have the vocabulary for Amen
36:10 How to effectively ministry in foreign countries?

What is Kingdom Citizenship Podcast?

Citizenship Kingdom Citizenship is about the kingdom of God amongst the kingdoms of men, a contrasting and competitive reality to the world order. Few Christians understand this teaching of Jesus, even though it is the most dynamic aspect of His work. This podcast will feature interviews, teaching, and testimony of those who, in their own way, understand the kingdom of God amongst the kingdoms of men so that many might be challenged and encouraged about thriving in degenerating times.