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Before Thanksgiving the KSR Football Podcast is thankful for many things, just not the 60-point loss to Alabama.

Show Notes

Things aren't going well for the Kentucky football team. It's easy to be angry, but now is actually the perfect time to give thanks. It could be worse -- you could be a Tennessee fan. Nick Roush, Drew Franklin, Freddie Maggard and Charles Walker discuss UK's 60-point loss to Alabama, the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, and... 
  • The many things that went well in Kentucky's first quarter vs. Alabama.
  • Passing game went from creative, to slants. Why?!?!?
  • Is the AJ Rose criticism justified?  
  • Ruffolo's recovery was the most impressive athletic feat of the day. 
  • Poor Joe Burrow. 
  • Jarrett Guarantano is a master of throwing devastating pick sixes. 
  • The key to covering Kyle Pitts. 
  • Drew's turkey smoking problem. 

What is KSR Football Podcast?

The KSR Football Podcast features KSR writers Drew Franklin and Nick Roush as well as former UK players Charles Walker and Austin MacGinnis.