Ohio Humans

Social distance…it means more than just six feet apart. What other kinds of distances did we encounter during 2020 and beyond? With support from Ohio Humanities, each episode of Toledo-based media thinkhub Midstory’s “Social Distances” podcast looks at a different cross section of society that has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis—unpacking topics ranging from the environment, birth and death and shelter, to media, race relations and more through insights from historians, anthropologists, poets, policymakers, and other experts.
In this episode, Dr. Akil Houston, professor of Cultural and Media Studies at Ohio University, unpacks how the social unrest of 2020 and beyond called into question our present—how we got here and where we go from here. Check out the full series at midstory.org/social-distances.
And, later this year, join us for The Ohio Country, a forthcoming series from WYSO Public Radio and funded by Ohio Humanities.  Native men and women from different tribes and their allies—plus teachers, artists, scholars, parents, landowners, foresters, young people, and historians, too—will tell their stories about the about the lands above the Ohio River, known as the Ohio Country. You can listen in this feed, at WYSO.org, ohiohumanities.org, and in all those other places where you get podcasts.

What is Ohio Humans?

A podcast that shares stories to spark conversations and inspire ideas.