Therapy: Deconstructed

 Your personality is not hardwired into your brain. Many people believe that some of their behaviors and beliefs are a default setting in their brains, but this is simply not true. Our personality has grown and evolved with us throughout our whole lives and continues to be shaped by every experience we have. Therapy works on this principle by helping us to learn new ways of thinking about and understanding our past-experiences so that we can evolve new positive mindsets. You are never finished growing and experiencing new things, so embrace your change and continue to challenge and counteract the negative! 

Show notes: 
😟 Therapy is misrepresented in the media, movies, and TV shows. 01:13
🆚 “I’m hardwired”: cemented view of ourselves vs constant change. 02:21
📚 Science reveals how meditation and trauma change your brain and body: Dr. Bonnie recommends three great books. 04:08
🧠 Your identity is a moving target because neural patterns are constantly changing in our brains. 05:21
🤓 There is no fixed personality: the brain is learning and changing - the silly behaviors we had as kids vs our adult behaviors are proof of this. 07:47
🧱 You can’t undo your experiences, but you can build new and better defaults: what really works in therapy. 10:14
😍 What happens in therapy that helps people: thinking about our thinking and being aware of our self-talk. 13:52
⭐ We can change, and that is excellent news: you are not stuck and born this way. 18:33

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What is Therapy: Deconstructed?

Society has led us to believe that therapy is for those with deep-seated issues and that it’s not for those of us who are “successful and stable”. The Therapy: Deconstructed podcast, hosted by Dr. Bonnie Wims, debunks the myths and societal beliefs about therapy and explains not only what therapy is, but also how it can help anyone who’s facing obstacles in their lives.

As a therapist, coach, and a UK Chartered Counseling Psychologist specializing in helping the global community, Dr. Bonnie has helped innumerable people get from where they are to where they’d like to be. She’s “your someone else” who is there for you when you need to bounce things off of so that you can better understand yourself. And she does it in a warm and intelligent style that’s peppered with levity.

Listen in each week to Dr. Wims if you’re therapy-curious and get answers to all your questions about what therapy is, what it is not, and how therapy may be the x-factor you’ve been searching for.