@ The Corner w/ imprfct life®

Short episode with Kattie and Mila reflecting on 2021 and looking toward 2022.

Show Notes

Take a listen to the House of Apis end of year message where Mila and Kattie take a moment to personally reflect on 2021 and look forward to 2022. 

YearCompass 2021/2022

House of Apis
The Hive

Hosts:  Mila Aleman and Kattie Capozza
Music: Hussa Al Humaidhi
Sound Effects: Zapsplat

What is @ The Corner w/ imprfct life®?

imprfct life® is a space for women and girls to come together for self-development, support, and solidarity. Join co-founder Kattie Capozza a Gen X'r that has a lot on her mind and wants to inspire a world where women and girls are unapologetically their authentic selves; a world where they can feel supported and realize their superpowers for greatness in their own unique ways.

This podcast is meant to be a conversation among friends. Topics will vary from discussing the messy reality of life, embracing imperfections, the power of friendship, discussions on what it means to be a feminist, and exorcising toxic relationships.