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My guest on this episode is the composer Kayle Clements.

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When I was growing up and studying music, I learned about great composers such as Bach who was employed by the church and Tchaikovsky, who had a wealthy patron. Many of the other composers I learned about either barely scraped together enough to get by, were cloistered in academia, or had day jobs that supported their music after hours.

In the places I studied, no one really talked about how you could be a contemporary composer and make a living while doing it. Until I met Kayle.

He is a Production Music Library Composer - which means he writes musical cues that go into the libraries that provide music for television, film, advertisements and other media.

With music that has shown up on shows as fun as Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and as well...prolific, as The Young and the Restless - Kayle has been writing music for screen since 2013.
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