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"Dreams shouldn't be sensible." In 2011, David and Clare Hieatt launched Hiut Denim in a small Welsh town that had been home to a jeans factory for 40 years. The Hieatts saw an opportunity to restore those lost jobs—and to do it in a way that fit with their ideas about building a sustainable business. In this episode, David Hieatt talks about taking the slow money; what it's like when a mega celebrity endorses your brand; and his efforts to reduce the environmental impact of a ubiquitous item of clothing.

Show Notes

A GQ profile of Japan's Kapital Denim - 1:26

Pure Blue jeans - 1:44

Meghan Markle - 2:39

For a great peek into the denim industry and its environmental impact, we recommend this episode of the Articles of Interest podcast - 2:57

David Hieatt - 3:18

Hiut Denim | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter - 3:20

A 2002 BBC story about the closure of the Dewhirst jeans plant in Cardigan - 3:58

Howies - 4:20

A selvedge denim explainer - 5:25

A story in the Independent about Meghan Markle wearing Hiut's jeans - 13:56

Denim Breaker Club - 17:52

No Wash Club - 21:46

Do Purpose: Why Brands With a Purpose Do Better and Matter More by David Hieatt - 24:35

The DO Lectures - 24:42

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