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Creative Writing Energy Podcast - episode 13 - Mastermind.
Introduced by some special friends!
The Creative Writing Mastermind group was created as a safe place for like-minded souls to gather, support one another while exploring their creativity together, as well as receiving personalized guidance through their writing journey.
Today we are talking all about why we created our exclusive mastermind group and what’s on offer for our lovely members who dare join our fun and crazy writing tribe.

Show Notes

The importance of finding your writing tribe cannot be underestimated - we need to make the shift into forming authentic relationships if we want to bring the best experiences into our world and writing community. We’ve created the perfect space in which to achieve this and much more!
Creativity Prompt: Lie in the Sun!

In this episode: 
  • What is a Mastermind Group?
  • Why we created CWE Mastermind.
  • What we hope to achieve by creating a close-knit writing tribe.
  •  What CWE Mastermind can offer you. 
  • Why should you consider working with us. 
  • Meet Kim and Catherine’s alter-ego’s! 
Thanks for joining in on our conversations.
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Conversations about the writer’s life, craft and alternative practices with Kim Petersen and Catherine Evans.