The Retention Road

- HexClad drives repeat orders and revenue through email, SMS, and other retention channels. Key tactics include education about products, innovation by frequently releasing new products, sales/promotions, post-purchase upsells/cross-sells, and optimizing core retention automation.

- They use their community "Cooking with HexClad" on Facebook for engagement and early access to new products and sales. They are focused on growing the community both organically and through marketing channels.

- Gordon Ramsay is used more heavily for acquisition than retention. For acquisition, he is used in a direct response way, while for retention they focus on entertaining and educating existing customers with his content.

- Key retention metrics tracked are returning customer orders, revenue, 12-month lifetime value trends, and cohort analysis. Connor doesn't like using a percentage of revenue attributed to retention channels as it can be misleading. 

- The biggest mistake Connor sees is shiny object syndrome - brands pursuing new retention tactics before dialing in the basics incredibly well first. His main advice is to resist this and focus on optimizing core retention tactics before moving on to new things.

What is The Retention Road?

100% unfiltered, tactical Retention advice for eCommerce and DTC brands from those who have "been there, and done that." We help you serve & maintain your current customers you spent so much money on acquiring with paid ads to increase lifetime value and customer satisfaction.