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Boys of Blur, Part 1. Our heroes dig in with some context and such.

Show Notes

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In episode 40, our heroes talk about N.D. Wilson's young adult horror/fantasy/action novel _Boys of Blur. _For such a slim volume, this book packs a lot in, and our heroes find themselves with plenty to discuss, including small towns, football rivalries, race relations, C.S. Lewis-wannabees, useless clichés, useful tropes, extravagant character names that are good, and one character name that they weren't such a huge fan of. 

By the way, here's some footage from the event that Jake mentions involving Nate's dad Doug.

Click here to buy the book.

Next week, more _Boys of Blur. _After that, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

What is The Bookening?

3 guys—a pastor, a scholar, and their gleeful provocateur—discuss the great books. We take God and literature seriously—but the second one not overly so.