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Welcome back to the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast.

Today’s episode features an enabler of the micro VC movement who has now scaled his business into one of the industry’s larger fund administrators. Braughm Ricke is the Founder and CEO of Aduro Advisors, a leading fund administrator that has carved out a sterling reputation in the VC world.

He's grown the business to over $114B+ AUA and over 450+ customers, that counts many of the leading VC funds, including Lowercarbon, Cowboy Ventures, Ahoy Capital, Craft, Haystack, Boost VC, and others, as customers. They've also managed to combine a high-quality service with innovative technology and a partnership strategy that has enabled them to differentiate from other fund admins.

Prior to founding Aduro, Braughm was the founding CFO of True Ventures, a leading Silicon Valley VC fund. Braughm is incredibly knowledgeable about the private markets space more generally and is also an active investor in the private markets startup ecosystem, investing early in the likes of Carta, Allocate, Passthrough, Arch, and others.

Braughm and I had a fascinating conversation about the evolution of fund administration. We discussed:
  • Why Braughm started with emerging managers and the unmet need he saw to serve them.
  • Why he believed the emerging manager landscape would grow.
  • How he’s moved upstream beyond venture capital clients.
  • How fund admin can integrate technology.
  • Will AI change fund administration?
  • Advice Braughm would give to founders building in private markets.
Thanks Braughm for coming on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast to share your wisdom on building a core infrastructure provider for private markets.

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