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- Kids’ personality types - worth analysis through the enneagram or Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies?
- 4yo too rough with little sib, constantly picking up 
- Teaching kids “consent”, modeling consent + boundary-setting, circling back when consent is broken
- Inhibiting kids’ physical impulses like hitting, touching things they shouldn’t, etc 
- Kid resisting medical necessary procedures
- How kids’ bodies/nervous systems store trauma and how to help purge and process it
- Why conventional discipline is physically, mentally and emotionally unhealthy for kids
- How kids (and adults!) learn best - connection vs correction
- 6yo and husband have physical conflict - how to support their relationship?
- How parents can work on their triggers + beliefs
- The book How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Calmer, Happier Parent
- Upbringing Podcast: Caregiver Clashes  - Upbringing podcast: My Partner Doesn't Discipline Respectfully
- Positive words/phrases for during conflict to de-escalate the situation - YES or OK
- 2.5 yo throwing sharp toys when dysregulated + parent removed them all, kid mad
- When kids attack us - what's a "natural consequence"?
- When to use the RESIST Approach
- Sibs fighting - parent creates space/safety but they won't stop!
- Our own self-reg and "forcefield" that helps us support our kids in conflict
- How to not pass co-dependency onto our kids?
- To incredible power of exploring + expressing NEEDS + BOUNDARIES

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What is Upbringing?

Welcome to Upbringing. We’re Hannah and Kelty - twins, mothers and works-in-progress. Upbringing is a movement that empowers parents to grow up alongside their kids for sanity and social change. Through this podcast, speaking and coaching, we focus on our personal work as parents- the awareness, mindset and approach needed to raise amazing kids while ALSO getting shit done.

Join us to radically redefine kids’ resistance as a magical opportunity to nurture skills and values like consent, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, body positivity, independence and beyond. We do this by practicing powers beyond control — respectful, evidence-based tools that protect our kids’ personal freedoms, support their skill-building and better align with how we roll as people.

To us, this is the practice of parenting. When we can lean in and approach the hardest moments with our kids as an invitation to grow up ourselves, we all win. When we work to examine our triggers, face our fears and question our beliefs, we are bravely working against years of unconscious cultural conditioning. And when we work to rewrite those inherited legacies that don’t serve anyone... our kids are free, and so are we.

We’re going to make mistakes as parents. LOTS of them. And that’s ok- because our growth depends on it. We are right here with you, taking steps to better understand ourselves, our kids, and one another - one conversation at a time. Because when we can choose trust over fear, connection over control and progress over perfection, we’re not just raising our kids, we’re raising ourselves. Let’s show up and grow up!