Energetic Radio

Kevin B. Burk is the Headmaster of The Real Astrology Academy and the creator of the Human Game. He has been counselling and coaching as an astrologer since 1998, teaching astrology since 2000, and is the author of more than a dozen books. While conducting an astrology training program in 2021, Burk began to play with the story of the Human Game. Within a few months, Burk discarded the entire curriculum at The Real Astrology Academy. As of 2023, The Real Astrology Academy no longer teaches astrology: it teaches how to Tell Better Astrology Stories™ with Astrology and the Human Game.

His website, TheRealAstrologyAcademy.com, offers options to learn the Human Game with the Astrology and the Human Game: Foundations of Happiness class and the free Human Game Introduction class, and options to play the Human Game with Personal Coaching Packages.


What is Energetic Radio?

Energetic Radio with Dale Sidebottom is a fantastic tool for people looking to bring fun play and happiness into each and every day. Listen along as Dale interviews world-renowned experts and shares his own experiences with you in this weekly podcast.