Trine Humanities Symposia

Presented by Dr. Jeanette Goddard.
The Deceived is an Italian comedy first published in 1532. Assumed to be the source play for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the play involves mistaken identities, family members that were thought to be dead, and cross-dressing nuns. In a playful way, this comedy deals with the serious topics of pursuing what you want, of using deceit to overcome obstacles, and, ultimately, what community should look like.

What is Trine Humanities Symposia?

The Humanities Symposia is a series of presentations and discussions that cover a wide range of topics related to the humanities. It was created as a university outlet for scholars and artists searching for a place to present their research outside of academic conferences. The Symposia allows them to share their research with Trine as well as the local community. For more information about the Symposia, contact Melissa Mayus, Ph.D., assistant professor in Trine’s Department of Humanities and Communication, at