GSC Friday

You know the patriarchy is on it's last leg when it can't handle the decision to make highly gendered, gender-normative, heteronormative toys taking a look around themselves and deciding that potatoes probably don't need highly gendered performance when children play with them. But you know, that's what happened when Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head transitioned to just be Potato Head. You would think they would get tired at some point, or break their pearls off from clutching them for so hard...or maybe that's just our naive hope. It's not the representation we deserve, but it is a step down the right path, or as much as global capitalist organization can be counted upon to enact. From there we cover the amazing prospect of an Equality Act passing Congress sometime in the next...sometime. And why these small steps really are important to the day-to-day lives of Queer individuals in this country, and hopefully all others. Finally John and Dean talk about the new Billie Eilish documentary. They are strictly divided along artist/producer lines. Dean identified way too much with Finneas, except for the incredible difference in ability to produce number one tracks and albums. More the annoyed at the artist for being too picky and not wanting to actually record the music, for their music album. John disagrees, but he's not writing these show notes. It's a great watch that only took us three tries to get through. But it brought up major Britney vibes from the still present need of record labels and even fans to posses pop stars, sometime bodily. Go watch it!

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