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The obligatory FFVII Remake chat is here! We also talk more Persona 5 Royal, Sakura Wars, Pillars of Dust, and even, yes, Bravely Default.

Show Notes

  • We have been wanting it, and now we're playing it! Alana and Jo dish on FFVII Remake for us.
  • Jono's wrapped things up with Bravely Default and is ready to move onto the next!
  • Indie retro-style RPG Pillars of Dust has offered a fun, nostalgia-inspired adventure for Greg.
  • We discuss how remakes and homages use nostalgia in different ways, for better or worse!
  • A listener email has been received!

Featuring: Greg Delmage, Jono Logan, Alana Hagues, Jo Padilla

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