Making Sense of History

In this first part of a two part show, Nick Eckstein talks to Emeritus Professor Mark McKenna about Australia's upcoming referendum on an Indigenous Voice. How has the Australian Constitution silenced Australia’s First Peoples? What is the Uluru Statement from the Heart? Why does Australia need an Indigenous Voice to the Federal Parliament? This two-part show will try to make sense of the history behind these questions.

Voice-Overs: Professor James Curran; Dr Vanessa Witton.

Read more about Mark McKenna's book Return to Uluru

Creators & Guests

Nick Eckstein
Associate Professor Nick Eckstein from University of Sydney (History)
Mark McKenna
Emeritus Professor Mark McKenna from University of Sydney (History)
Peter Adams
Digital Media Producer University of Sydney School of Humanities

What is Making Sense of History?

Making Sense of History asks how the present connects to the past. In each episode, Nick Eckstein and a guest turn back the clock, tracing current themes and events to their historical source.