LuxUnplugged Podcast

Adrien discussed with Bob Kneip, founder and former CEO at Kneip, the three-decade long involvement in his fund data distribution business in Luxembourg. After the recent sale to Deutsche Boerse Group, a major global financial player, they look back at the key milestones that he faced and how he adapted the business model over time.

Show Notes

Adrien welcomes Bob Kneip, chairman at Kneip Management SA, to the show. An entrepreneur at heart, Bob is widely known in Luxembourg for founding the investment fund data distribution business that bears his name. At the time of the recording, Bob was no longer involved in the company as he had sold out his stakes a week earlier to Deutsche Boerse Group, a major financial services player.
Launched in 1993, Kneip started out as a paper-based ads publisher for the Luxembourg financial services industry, when the local industry wasn't as advanced as it is today. Facing the threat of technology advancements in the late 90's and quickly grasping the complex needs of investment funds, Bob made key decisions whilst running the firm that allowed his business to pivot sustainably in spite of major headwinds.
Adrien also enquires about the main lessons that he had learned throughout his career, especially in a fast-paced environment like today's.

What is LuxUnplugged Podcast?

People from Luxembourg are quite familiar with the country’s discreet approach when it comes to blowing its own trumpet at the global scale. Despite its relatively small geographic print, the Grand Duchy punches well above its weight on the world stage!

This podcast is here to shed light on Luxembourg’s global influence from the perspective of two Luxembourgers living in London.