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In this episode of The Indie SaaS Operator, Goutham Jay joins us with real-world advice for building in public and Twitter marketing.

Tune in to learn more about:
  • How to start building in public in 2023?
  • Why should you test multiple marketing channels?
  • Is a social audience necessary for successful Cold Outreach?


  • (00:15) - What problem does FameWall solve?
  • (01:03) - How Goutham stumbled upon this problem?
  • (02:56) - How Goutham deals with burnout?
  • (05:07) - Current scale of FameWall
  • (06:16) - When did Goutham start creating content on Twitter?
  • (08:24) - Why is Goutham testing other marketing channels for FameWall?
  • (10:10) - How is cold outreach going for Goutham?
  • (12:01) - Is a social audience necessary for Cold Outreach?
  • (13:04) - What is the future of FameWall?
  • (15:17) - Does having employees take the fun away from the journey?
  • (16:17) - What would Goutham do if he had to start building in public from scratch?

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Mentioned In The Episode - Goutham’s Current Startup - React.js Agency for Startups

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