Building the Oracle - with Jay Swanson

What's the best way to keep track of a sprawling fictional universe? We talk with Dave Robison, the founder of Archivos, our worldbuilding software of choice.

Show Notes

What's the best way for an author to keep track of a sprawling and evolving fictional universe? And how can we take of all these wonderful little worldbuilding details to help readers explore and discover our universe beyond the pages of a book?

We discussed these questions, and much more, with Dave Robison, the founder of Archivos, a visual story-mapping tool that weaves characters, events, and places into relationship webs, live maps, and interwoven timelines.

Dave is also a podcaster, voice actor, and storyteller with multiple ongoing stories that you can jump in on right now, including the Shattered Worlds series. You can discover more about Dave's many projects on his website,, or by following him on Twitter @DaveRobisonTN.

Extra Tidbits:
For an awesome discussion on how puppetry (or any performance art) can make you a better author, check out Writing Excuses 3.14 with Mary Robinette Kowal.

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