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This one's for all you CEO's and CMO's out there who don't have a product marketing team currently, but have realized that you need one and are trying to figure out how to approach the problem. Having a strong product marketing team will give your company an identity. It'll make it more product driven, help you execute world-class products launches solidify your unique position in the market, multiply the impact of your sales and marketing team, and so much more. But where do you start with building out this team? In this episode, Jeffrey Vocell of Iterable breaks it down for us.

Show Notes

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Questions we cover in this episode:
  1. Alright JV, we worked together for 5 years but I don’t think I ever asked you, how and why did you get into product marketing? 
  2. OK, so let’s say you’re a fast growing tech startup, when is the right time to hire a PMM? 
  3. What is that person's responsibility? 
  4. At what point do you bring on a director who can run the program? 
  5. What should be the expectations of that person? 
  6. Coming in as a new director what are the first things to figure out? 
  7. What product marketing things do you have to get people bought into? 
  8. How do you structure the team if you have a small team? 
  9. How do you report on success? 
  10. What resources do you have to have? Budget, support, buy in etc? 
  11. What mistakes do people always make along the way? 
  12. What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? Is it a good place to be right now? 

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