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Our binge worthy show recommendations plus an exploration of streaming media and where we are heading.

Show Notes

It's a streaming media world. We just live in it - With Jamie Alcroft and our guests Dawn Garcia, Ryan Tabb and Jake Palanker we are discussing the changing landscape of streaming content, starting with summer binge picks and moving on to explore the shifting media landscape which will soon include new steaming services from Disney and Warner/ATT&T.  The content cold war is heating up and just as you may be cutting the cable cord, mega-corps are vying for your monthly dollars. Plus, Facebook Feedtime is all about selfie-awareness if you spot a celeb and What’s Twitter Trending is #ReasonsYouStayOnTwitter.

What is Things I Found Online Podcast?

Premiere Radio Networks Founder Louise Palanker joins a panel of comedians to look at the ways in which we each look at the internet and the feedback loop that’s informing how we think and live. Regulars include Jamie Alcroft and Danny Mann.