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Join us for "Past, Present, Future: The Evolution of Research Triangle's Real Estate with Amanda Hoyle" on our podcast. Gain unique insights from Amanda, with 16 years at Triangle Business Journal, as she delves into the growth, challenges, and future trends in commercial real estate within North Carolina's Research Triangle. From the impact of remote work on office spaces to the surging industrial market and the pressing housing affordability crisis, this episode offers a concise overview of the region's real estate dynamics. Learn about the factors shaping today's market and what to expect in the future. This is a must-listen for investors, developers, and real estate aficionados interested in the transformation of one of North Carolina's most dynamic regions.

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What is Commercial Real Estate Matters?

Commercial Real Estate Matters is the predominant source for the latest commercial real estate news, trends, tips, and stories that matter. Leading experts share insights and strategies to navigate this ever-changing field successfully. Whether you are a novice or a pro, a business leader/owner or investor, a landlord or a tenant, this podcast has something for everyone.