What The Kink?

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Take it off! This week Mistress V is joined by her good friend Ivy who has been a stripper for years, and the two unpack the adult entertainment industry piece by piece... slowly.... to music. Not really, but you get the picture.

Show Notes

Welcome to What The Kink, the latest BDSM podcast to hit the decks - whats your safeword?


What The Kink is broadcast every Thursday all the way from Australia, and is hosted by dominatrix, porn actress, and kinkster Mistress Venus. Each week she tackles the sauciest, sexiest, and scariest facets of the BDSM community, sex work, kink, non-monogamy and much much more. Joined by a range of fun and experienced guests, Miss Venus will learn with you and laugh with you through all the tricky bits and hopefully give you all you need to know to safely and consensually explore her world. 

What is What The Kink??

Welcome to What The Kink?, the smart yet saucy podcast that gives you access to the wide world of kink, BDSM, sex, sex work and much more. Tune in every Thursday to your illustrious host, Mistress Venus, as she tackles the intricacies of this world with the help of a range of fascinating people. Stay kinky!