Embodying Change: Cultivating Caring and Compassionate Organisations

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In this show, you'll hear Mary Ann interview Imogen Wall, an independent consultant working in the humanitarian aid sector, mental health advocate and a specialist around well being in the sector. And also Founder of the 50 shades of aid Facebook group that. They talk about the lack of attention to Mental Health in Humanitarian Settings and the huge amount we can learn from other sectors about the impacts of dealing with crises on our mental health.

Show Notes

Imogen Wall is a former BBC journalist and UN spokesperson, now an independent communications trainer and advisor. She specialises in crisis response with a particular emphasis on mental health, peer support, critical incident management and safeguarding in humanitarian contexts. Her previous frontline humanitarian work includes field postings in Indonesia (Aceh), Sudan, Haiti, Philippines and HQ work in New York and Geneva.  Recent clients include DFID, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, CrisisCast, Care International and RedR. She is also the founder and lead administrator of the Fifty Shades of Aid group, an independent aid worker support community on Facebook. 
​Imogen is a qualified Mental Health First Aid instructor and has a lot of experience in crisis management, particularly in an international context and with reference to reputation management and staff care. You can find Imogen via her website: https://www.imogenwall.co.uk/ where there are also more resources that support this conversation. 

Mental health and employers - Refreshing the case for investment 
: https://www2.deloitte.com/uk/en/pages/consulting/articles/mental-health-and-employers-refreshing-the-case-for-investment.html

Mental Health in the Workplace, Mind

This podcast series is part of the CHS Alliance Initiative to Cultivate Caring, Compassionate aid organisations being led by Melissa Pitotti and Mary Ann Clements who host this podcast and which you can read about here:

If you'd like to get involved with or support the work we are doing please do get in touch at compassionateorg@chsalliance.org.

What is Embodying Change: Cultivating Caring and Compassionate Organisations?

A podcast for people who’ve dedicated their careers to helping others – but eventually realise they need help, too. Conversations about promoting care and compassion in humanitarian and development settings and sharing what we are learning about promoting and supporting aid worker well-being.