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Today’s guest is Nate Wentland, Chief Business Technology Officer for Arlington County, VA. This first episode of season 2 looks at what Arlington is doing with 5G technology. More specifically: what are 5G's key benefits, challenges of implementation, and, ultimately, its impact on users throughout the region. Wentland is driving innovation by focusing on the business needs of the county, and what technology is available to meet those needs.

Show Notes

Key Takeaways:
  1. Technology needs to meet business needs, not the other way around
  2. 5G helps build a bridge between government and the community
  3. 5G enables public safety communications opportunities
  4. 5G fits into the county’s overall growth strategy
  5. 5G is the future of Arlington and residents should be on the look out for new technology

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A podcast covering the latest innovation and emerging technology trends impacting the federal government.