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I sat down with CEO of Truffle Social, Ellie Hernaman, to discuss what it takes to be ace at social media in 2019. We also chat about Ellie's career and what made her start Truffle social back in 2010.

Show Notes

The social media marketing landscape is constantly changing, which I why I got an expert in to chat about it. Ellie Hernaman is the CEO of Truffle Social, a London-based social media agency. Ellie has been running Truffle for almost the last decade so it's safe to say she knows her stuff when it comes to social. In this episode I sit down and talk to Ellie about why she started Truffle, the challenges of growing an agency, her favourite campaigns and more.

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Things we talked about:

  • Ellie's time at Red Bull
  • What does Truffle do?
  • Why did you start Truffle?
  • How did you get your first clients?
  • How has social media marketing changed since you started Truffle, and how do you make sure you're adapting and staying on top of trends etc?
  • What makes an effective social media strategy in 2019?
  • Favourite campaigns and why?
  • Favourite campaigns you've worked on and why?
  • What excites you most about the future with Truffle, business, life?
  • Mental health in social

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