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Davide Pascucci | Founder and CEO @ Bright IIOT
With almost 20 years of experience in the automation industry, Davide couldn’t be more passionate about delivering digital transformation to our clients. He began his career in Europe working for significant EPC contractors operating in the Middle Eastern oil and gas sector. While this is where his focus on automation and instrumentation began, his interest in implementation skyrocketed with his arrival in the USA. His background is firmly rooted in the oil and gas industry, but his knowledge has diversified into other vertical markets in recent years. To challenge his knowledge, David has developed new skills and strategies that have transported him to manufacturing, process design, OEM, and water/wastewater customers. As the CEO of Bright IIoT, Davide prides himself on his attention to detail. He’s committed to delivering the best automation solutions to his customers with integrity, quality, and leadership. With every aspect of the business, he intends to help our clients achieve the competitive edge they can.

Davide Pascucci joins Dave and Vlad as we discuss how IIoT redefines how we deploy hardware.

Everything from moving edge computing to smart sensors, leveraging AI solutions, and more.

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