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A conversation with Nikola Čavić

Show Notes

(Episode is in Serbian)

In this episode I am speaking with Nikola Čavić. Nikola is a founder and chairman of the Serbian Gaming Association, a business association whose members include prominent and well established global names in global gaming, as well as smaller studios and teams. Before founding the SGA, Nikola has spent many years as an executive in product and business development in gaming companies, including Nordeus, one of Serbia's finest. He also runs a consultancy business GameBiz Consulting; through his company and particularly through the SGA he focuses on building and nurturing the local gaming industry - successful startups and a myriad of teams looking to launch their gaming ideas into global orbit.

In this episode we touch upon the global and local aspects of gaming. Gaming is just massive globally. It raked in more than USD 150 billion in 2019, making it by far the largest creative industry in the world right now, dwarfing the film and music industry combined... and almost three times over. Just as interesting is the local Serbian gaming scene. In the last year's research of Startup Genome, Belgrade and Novi Sad ranked in top ten of all major global destinations, shoulder to shoulder with places like Silicon Valley, London, Barcelona and Shanghai.

If you want to get in touch with Nikola and the SGA, you may reach the organisation at sga@sga.rs.

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