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The DPP’s work in 2022 has so far been forward looking; what are the technology and consumer trends affecting media companies, and what are the bold predictions DPP members expect to happen in the next 12 months?

Dow Jones' Elena Corchero, previously Director of Emerging Technology at NewsCorp, joins the podcast to discuss how she keeps on top of disruptive new trends. Which technology innovations should media companies be investing and experimenting with? What are good measures for ROI? And what did Mark and Rowan learn on their recent trip to California?

Show Notes

In this episode, enabled by Dell Technologies and Dalet, DPP CEO Mark Harrison and CTO Rowan de Pomerai speak to Elena Corchero, Director of Events, Emerging Tech & Innovation at Dow Jones.

Corchero discusses her experience as a researcher and media professional, and explains how organisations balance market research on the latest trends with their own in house expertise to know which bets to make.

Watch the CES 2022 webcast on demand here, and read the summary report here. We’ll next report back to you after the European Broadcaster Summit.

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