Cognizant Netcentric Podcast

From how brands can engage their fans or build customer journeys that delight - and convert - join Cognizant Netcentric’s Piotr, Kwint and Livia to learn about our new offerings and learn about the newest trends in the customer experience space.

Show Notes

Bringing together Head of Consulting Piotr Zabiello and Associate Director of Consulting Kwint van Dijck, with Senior Marketing & Communications Livia Nassius as moderator, this week’s episode tackles specific customer experience challenges facing brands today, the new Cognizant Netcentric portfolio and offering structured to solve those very challenges, and of course, and our favorite topic - the Adobe Experience Cloud.

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What is Cognizant Netcentric Podcast?

Deep dive into the people, topics and expertise that makes Cognizant Netcentric. From personal conversations to real-life advice and input on everything from sustainability to system engineering to data layers! This is where our people and expertise meet and collide into real, honest conversations.