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In this conversation we explore Deep listening - "the feelings underneath the words", Lessons from the water and the trees, The wildness inside us, Possibilities in the edges, Earth grief & the ecological unraveling and so much more...

Show Notes

In this conversation we explore:
  • Deep listening - "the feelings underneath the words" 
  • Lessons from the water and the trees 
  • The wildness inside us 
  • Possibilities in the edges 
  • Earth grief & the ecological unraveling Reconnection & Relationships 
  • The "mythical, imaginal attunement to the earth" Aesthesis - exchange of soul essence 
  • The exiling of beauty Cultural Depression Initiation 
  • Trauma, loneliness and the longing for connection 
  • Resilient support systems Anchor practices & Beauty Altars 
  • Grief & Shame / Grief & Love Protector Energy and Anger as "the beautiful desire to protect something." 
  • Grief as the "e-motion of feeling... the energy that moves through us and reshapes us" Grief & Joy Ritual Keeping alive the energy & ability to nurture 

Shante's Projects:
Earth Poet Edge Weaver - https://www.earthpoetedgeweaver.com/ 
Shante' Sojourn Zenith - http://www.shantesojournzenith.com/ 
Francis Weller - https://www.francisweller.net/ 
Simon McBurney's The Encounter - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKWv001zJ_Y 
Malidoma Some - malidoma.com/main/ 
The Withdrawal Project - https://withdrawal.theinnercompass.org/ 
Pat McCabe - https://www.patmccabe.net/ 
Stephen Jenkinson - https://orphanwisdom.com/ 
Azul Valerie Thome & Grief Composting Circles - https://www.souland.org/

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Conversations and recorded experiences on reclaiming our roots, connecting to our visions and trusting our heart path. Hosted by Megan of Living Hearth.