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Amazon Music’s “Country Heat” playlist features a who’s who in the Nashville scene today......Country artist Kane Brown dips his toes into the Latin world with Becky @chartmetric #nerdout #musicdata

Show Notes

  • Highlights
    • Amazon Music’s “Country Heat” playlist features a who’s who in the Nashville scene today, while 
    • Country artist Kane Brown dips his toes into the Latin world with Becky G
  • Mission
    • Good morning, it’s Jason here at Chartmetric with your 3-minute Data Dump where we upload charts, artists and playlists into your brain so you can stay up on the latest in the music data world.
  • Date
    • This is your Data Dump for Friday April 5th 2019.
  • Playlist Highlight 
    • Currently at the top of Amazon Music’s Top Playlists is Country Heat, which lists “Fire tracks from the hottest acts in country music.”
    • Currently at 55 songs and just over 3 hours long, it’s of course a mostly American collection of artists besides Aussie Morgan Evans and Canadian group James Barker Band each featuring one track.
    • In terms of label representation, it’s pretty well distributed, with Sony Music in the lead with 16 of the current tracks, Universal at 9, indie Big Machine & major Warner Music at 8, and both BMG’s BBR Music Group and indie label Big Loud Records at 4 each.
    • Blake Shelton kicks off the #1 spot with his anthemic track “God’s Country”, and Chris Stapleton’s “Millionaire” about how being in love is making him a rich man brings up the rear in the #55 position.
    • Interestingly, Country Heat plays no artist favorites, as out of the entire 55 tracks, no artist appears more than once with the slight exception of Luke Combs, who placed his track “Beautiful Crazy” in the #20 spot, but appears as a guest in Brooks & Dunn’s ode to devotion in “Brand New Man” in position #51.
    • So if you’re looking for a hot country playlist that seems to like a diverse set of artists, check out Amazon’s Country Heat.
  • Artist Highlight in the News
    • Now pulling into that playlist’s number 13 spot is Tennessee-born, Georgia-raised Kane Brown, who recently made an interesting move into the Latin world.
    • Releasing the track “Lost in the Middle of Nowhere” with Mexican-American artist Becky G on March 28th, Brown sang in both English and Spanish, as the duo released two versions of the track on the same day.
    • Both signed to Sony Music, they have similar data profiles on Spotify, though Becky G pulls ahead of Kane Brown in some aspects. Becky G’s Spotify popularity index is at 86 out of 100 while Brown is at 79, but he slightly edges her with a listener to follower ratio of 5, while Becky G is at 4. 
    • This is most likely due to Becky G being on many more Spotify editorial playlists at 245 and having much more exposure to accumulate more followers, while Brown is only on 50 editorial playlists.
    • When it comes to daily statistics, Becky G is definitely exposing Brown to a wider crowd as Becky G has 5x more daily Spotify followers, 5x more daily YouTube views, 15x more daily Instagram followers than Brown.
    • Becky G’s top five most listened to Spotify cities? Santiago, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Lima. Kane Brown’s are all stateside: Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, LA and Houston.
    • Going by Instagram followers, Becky G’s fanbase is young but fairly spread out between 13-34, while over half of Kane Brown’s fanbase is between 18-24 only.
    • They both cater to a majority female audience, though Becky G’s fanbase is 50% Hispanic and Kane Brown’s is 83% Caucasian, showing where the collaboration can provide the most exposure to new potential fans.
    • The song itself definitely caters to each audience, as the country/English version features guitar power chords, acoustic string strumming and a straight backbeat drum pattern, while the Latin/Spanish version features reggae guitar rhythms and the trademark reggaetón beat.
    • It looks like the cross-collaboration is going well for Brown as the Spanish version has 3.2M views more than the English version, so to Kane Brown, felicitaciones!
  • Outro
    • That’s it for your Daily Data Dump for Friday April 5th 2019. This is Jason from Chartmetric.
    • If you want to check some of the data yourself, sign up for a free account at
    • And article links and show notes are at:
    • Happy Friday, and have a great weekend! See you Monday.

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