The Inventory Professional

Join Sián and her special guest podcaster; John Heald from LJ Property Inspections as he explains why they are is so much more to snagging than a missing door or an unfitted carpet.

Show Notes

In this podcast John shares his insights and experience gained over 30 years of working in the building industry. 

He explains how his management of disillusioned customers and dealing with build issues led him to start his company that specifically deals with snagging reports.

Sián asks what the differences are between an inventory and snagging report and is quite surprised with the answer!

Did you know there's effectively a two-tiered service and focus for snagging reports? 

And as John and Sián discuss why there is a need for specific training for snagging reports, it's clear that that not all reports should be priced the same.

What is The Inventory Professional?

This podcast is designed for property inventory clerks and service providers, presented by InventoryBase Academy