Brian Raphael Nabors is described as a composer of emotionally enriching music that tells exciting narratives with its vibrant themes and colorful harmonic language. He joins Garrett (1:04:00) to talk about his southern upbringing, his upcoming premieres, and his perspective on a slowly evolving "classical" music ecosystem. Scott honors Kate Bush and celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with music by Manuel Ponce, Garrett shares his weekend of theater and choirs, and the guys unpack some of the newest data collected on orchestra programming around the world.

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Kate Bush - "Running Up That Hill"
perf. Maxwell - "This Woman's Work"
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor - African Suite: "Danse nègre"
Alberto Ginastera - Harp Concerto (feat. Ann Hobson Pilot:
Manuel Ponce - Guitar Concerto (feat. Andrés Segovia:
Joseph Trapanese - "We Know" (perf. Tonality:
Brian Raphael Nabors - "Reflections" (perf. Evan Taucher:
Dominique Johnson - Hammond Organ Improvisation (
Lizzo Plays James Madison's Flute:


Brian Raphael Nabors:
This Show is Cheaper Than Gas - America on Empty:
Beyoncé Celebrates Solange's NYC Ballet Debut:
Toks Dada Leads Southbank Centre:
The Root Takes on Classical Music Diversity:
Equality & Diversity in Global Repetoire Report by Donne, Women in Music #DonneReport2022:

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"I spent years pursuing excellence: what classical music is all about. Now it's dedicated to freedom; that's far more important." -Nina Simone #NamMyohoRengeKyo
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CLASSICAL MUSIC has been misappropriated as a musical genre and a culture rooted in the aesthetics of Western Europe.
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