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Many D2C companies are seeing up to 20% of their ecommerce revenue via SMS automations. Are consumers ready to fully submerge into text communications with their favorite brands? The answer is a definitive YES, but here are a few things to keep in mind before you send that text.

Show Notes

On this episode of Exit intent, Geoff Kutnick interviews Outer Aisle CMO Vasa Martinez about the letters: SMS. The questions this podcast answers: 

Why is SMS making its way into tons of marketing and commerce conversations? (:34) 
Is the average person ready to text with their favorite brand? (2:10) 
What percentage of ecommerce revenue can SMS be attributed to? (3:03)
What are the similarities/differences between email & sms audience acquisition? (4:39)
What do you recommend for someone setting up an SMS service for the first time? (6:18) 
What did you see from 2020's Black Friday/Cyber Monday in relation to SMS? (8:29)

What is Exit Intent by Growthbuster?

Exit Intent is the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) podcast featuring the people and strategies focused on growth, investment and acquisition. Growthbuster Chief Content Officer Geoff Kutnick (@geoffreykutnick) hosts and curates bite-sized conversations packed with actionable insights.