The Other Side NDE (Near Death Experiences)

⭐ Today's NDE afterlife experience is from Vincent Ollivier. Complications from a surgery that happened 20 years prior put Vincent in terrible condition with pain levels maxed at 10/10. A paramedic arrived and tried to help him but momentarily, life had left him. His wife observed a lifeless body while his eyes were still open. Horrified she went to his side immediately and called him back. A few seconds later she was relieved when he started moving again but was perplexed by his strange behavior that would be explained later when he shared with her where he had been. 

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What is The Other Side NDE (Near Death Experiences)?

A collection of near death experiences or NDE stories of people who have passed on or crossed over to the other side, or heaven. These interviews were all done by me and are all original. I hope to bring some of these stories to life with my editing, and raise awareness about NDE near death experiences throughout the world.