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This Week on The Boxoffice Podcast: Rebecca Pahle is joined by Russ Fischer and Chad Kennerk as the trio catches up on a slow news week and a near-tie at the box office between The Nun II and A Haunting in Venice. In the feature segment, Daniel Loria conducts interviews with Bryan Braunlich of NATO’s Cinema Foundation and Phil Clapp of the U.K. Cinema Association, who reflect on the second annual National Cinema Day.

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What to Listen For
  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:22 Universal Studios reaches $4B mark globally
  • 03:09 Transition from silent movies to sound
  • 05:28 Taylor Swift concert in cinemas
  • 06:43 Weekend box office update
  • 09:24 A Haunting in Venice
  • 11:14 Expendables 4 prediction
  • 14:39 Overview of the Cinema Foundation
  • 17:13 The National Cinema Day initiative
  • 21:42 Increased trust from partners
  • 23:55 Highlight on the future of exhibition
  • 25:47 Offering a flat ticket price
  • 28:16 Selecting when to hold the National Cinema Day
  • 32:20 Families coming in booking individually
  • 34:53 Main trends in the National Cinema Day UK
  • 37:00 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park
  • 38:23 Tracking audience activity and preferences

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