The Empire Boxing Podcast

Pro Boxer Rhett Gibbons returns to The Empire Boxing Podcast ahead of his third appearance in the ring on The Takeover - November 12th.

Show Notes

On this episode of The Empire Boxing Podcast Pro Boxer Rhett Gibbons joins host Jana Finkbiner for his second appearance on the show. Rhett is prepping to fight November 12th in The Takeover for his third appearance between the ropes. Jana and Rhett look back on his fight with Thad Buntsma on Reloaded, discuss broken hands, tough training camps and have a good laugh over over some McDojo clips. Jana also quizzes Rhett on the first edition of Trophy Truck Trivia and reflect on their shared admiration of Steven Segal. Listen and Subscribe now to the Empire Boxing Podcast on Apple, Spotify, YouTube and all your podcast platforms. 

An Unlearning Network Production.
Hosted by Jana Finkbiner
Produced and Written by Matt Hoffar, Jana Finkbiner, Dan Norman and Jason Hartstein.
Video and Editing by Jason Hartstein

What is The Empire Boxing Podcast?

The Empire Boxing Podcast hosted by boxer, coach and creator, Jana Finkbiner, features interviews with pro boxers, trainers, managers and others in the boxing world. Our guests open up about their boxing journey, their training methods and what motivates them to step in the ring.