No Crying In Baseball

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Show Notes

Trevor Rosenthal records three outs and Chris Davis has a three hit game, and all the best memes are over. It turns out that Ozzie Albies’ team-friendly extension is not just about his choices, but the ripple effect changes how other players are valued. Patti and Pottymouth have a friendly homerun smackdown over their picks for National League RoY, Pete Alonzo and Fernado Tatis, Jr, respectively. Pottymouth provides a rundown on the Trailblazer Series, where MLB is actively encouraging girls to play baseball. Patti follows up last week’s Booing Rules with a helpful Catcall Corollary. And it is up to you to guess which host assigned cross-training homework and which one said “shotski.” Tough one. 

What is No Crying In Baseball?

When Patti and her potty-mouthed friend talk baseball, you'll know this is not a baseball podcast for lightweights. This is the real deal, from real fans. Because diamonds are a strong woman's best friend, and there's no crying in baseball.