The Product Marketing Experts

Questions covered in this episode:
1:34 Opening Question: How you got into product marketing and what brought you to Clari?
4:17 Can you give a little bit of an overview about what Clari is, what you do at Clari?
8:41 What are some of the differences in your mind between what makes a good launch versus a great launch and how do you prepare your team for a great launch?
12:01 How do you ensure that your exec's opinions are taken into account?
14:50 How you've aligned your go-to-market teams and how you've successfully enabled those folks?
17:32 How do you ensure that the GTM teams or revenue focused teams are aware of and keyed in on the right updates without kind of feeding them all the noise and trying to make them pay attention to every little thing?
19:32 What's one thing, maybe a mentor or another leader that has kinda shared with you or that you've learned from them that's really served you well in your career?

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What is The Product Marketing Experts ?

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