With All Due Respect

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The aphorism says there are only two certainties in life - death and taxes. Income returns might keep us up at night, but which one are we really most afraid of?

Show Notes

In this episode of With All Due Respect, Megan Powell du Toit and Michael Jensen investigate the unifying anxiety that has risen to the surface of the world's collective consciousness in this time of pandemic: the fear of death.

To begin with Megan and Michael flip through the pages of the novel Lament, which reveals how closely love and agony sit together. 

Then it's time to welcome Dr. Megan Best, an expert in palliative care, who reveals the common attitudes that shape our behaviour as we approach the grave. 

And finally the WADR team ask the ultimate question of each other: what does it mean to die well?

What is With All Due Respect?

Less agro, more conversation.

Is it even possible to have a deep discussion without it descending into chaos? Michael Jensen and Megan Powell du Toit think yes, and want to show the rest of us how to do it.

There’s plenty of things they disagree on: free will, feminism, where you should send your kids to school and what type of church you should go to. But there are also plenty of other things that they have in common. They want to talk about all these things with conviction. But they also want the conversation to be constructive. Tune in to find out if that’s possible.