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Filling the Brand Gap is an audible style blog from Content Matterz. 
Filling the Brand Gap is an article to get you thinking about your brand and how you can start building a brand for yourself. To read the written style of this blog, you can do so here
And keep in mind, you have a story. I bet you have a point of view, something interesting to say. So why not say it?  Scared of the time commitment? Scared of doing something different and new? Scared you will be laughed at? We get it. It’s not easy. It is scary. It should be scary.
Scary means it’s real, and real is what makes the connection between you and potential clients or customers. 
Real is how you fill your brand gap.
This blog was created and written by The Strategy Addict, Shane Snively. This is the first of three installments in the Brand Series. Part two is The Penalty Box and part three is a drawing of the “content bridge“.
And yes, you should consider creating content for your personal brand and business.
Whatever story you want to tell, we want to help you tell it. From ideas and strategies to meshing it with your brand, KazCM is your storytelling team.
Create or build your content platform. Contact us today to learn more about our content creation services. 
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Wrap Up:
  • Thank you so much for listening to this Content Matterz podcast episode, “Filling the Brand Gap – An Audible Blog” | #ContentMatterz.
  • This podcast episode of Content Matterz exists because of KazCM. The content creation company inside KazSource. It’s all about the content. Content creation, content usage, and content distribution. Why? Because we believe every entrepreneur should have a content platform.
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Entrepreneurs often need help communicating their story. That’s where the Content Matterz Podcast comes in! Short snippet episodes giving you ideas, inspiration, and marketing tips. With our experience and execution in content creation and content distribution, we hope to help you create genuine content. Authentic content will provide you with opportunities, relationships, and a platform for you and your business. This podcast exists because we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs create and share amazing content. And because content matterz!