What happened when we lit our marketing budget on fire.

Show Notes

HEY launch, App Store, we can’t take it anymore
Antitrust, masks a must, let’s go eat the upper crust
Comfy pants, TikTok dance, POTUS rants, protest chants
COVID cruise can't disembark, David's back in Denmark

We didn’t start the fire—well, in this case we did.

Show Notes

Andy Didorosi on Twitter - 00:09

"Meet Andy," our episode about Andy joining Basecamp - 00:18

Signal v. Noise - 00:33

Adam Stoddard on Twitter - 1:36

HEY - 2:22

H.E.R.L. - 2:50

The dumpster fire livestream - 4:38

Detroit Bus Company - 5:59

Nathan on Twitter - 6:48

Raspberry Pi - 9:10

Recycle Here (Facebook) - 12:30

Ben Wolf of Ferrous Wolf Fabrication (Instagram) - 14:42

Monica Dubray - 14:51

Eric Froh (Instagram) - 14:53

Josh Bacon on Twitter - 15:03

"The Making of a Dumpster Fire" (SvN) - 25:31

Polyamberous candle from Boy Smells - 29:08

Kacey Musgraves collab with Boy Smells - 29:33

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