Unsure? Insure!

A lot of freelancers have the assumption they don't need insurance because they aren't doing anything high risk. They also think that having a contract is enough to protect them. I look at what exactly freelancers are doing that insurance could help them with from missing project milestones to clients misunderstanding briefs. I also touch upon the myth that contracts are enough to protect you. The information in this podcast is for general guidance and is not legal advice.

Show Notes

  • With Jack
  • You're responsible for delivering work to a timescale, and providing work that meets client expectations and standards
  • Projects get derailed, clients can be difficult to keep happy and mistakes can be made
  • Insurance removes the stress of searching (and paying) for legal help
  • It gives you confidence when dealing with clients because you won't suffer the financial consequences if things do escalate
  • You have a world-class legal team fighting your corner so situations with clients are diffused quicker
  • Contracts are useful for laying down the foundation of what duties are to be expected. Insurance steps into action when those duties come into question

What is Unsure? Insure!?

After so many years helping freelancers stay in business, I’m no stranger to the kinds of problems you face. But freelancing doesn’t mean having to face these problems alone. A lot of the time there is help available. I’d like to share these stories with you so you can be a confident freelancer.